Noa Danon

Co-Founder & CEO , EverAfter

About the lecture: 

From Product to Business: A CEO's Eye-Opening Journey

It's only by changing roles that you can shift your perspective and see what was just in front of you, but you weren’t able to see. Join us for an insightful talk where Noa Danon, a seasoned product leader turned CEO, shares a candid journey of realizations and revelations. Transitioning from a product-centric role to the helm of a company, she encountered a series of eye-opening surprises about the business world. This talk will dissect several stark assumptions commonly held by product professionals and contrast them with the gritty realities of leading a business. This session is not just about the transition but also about the lessons learned that can empower product leaders to think more broadly and better perform when working with business roles and CEOs. Whether you’ve been told you need to have more of a business mindset, or you are heading the product department, you'll leave with a new perspective on the intersection of product management and business leadership.

Few people have journeyed from being developers and UX designers to product managers, startup management team members, and finally, founders and CEOs. These transitions have given me unique perspectives on various roles and motivations. I made mistakes that only became clear when I changed positions. Working closely with sales doesn’t mean you truly understand business, and the same goes for marketing or being a CEO. This talk provides an authentic reflection on how product professionals are viewed, which I believe will resonate deeply with the audience.

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