px 2016

The focus of the event was Product Agility - the acceleration of the product development process. Faster R&D cycles, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment introduce new challenges to product managers, who want to actively lead and not just react.

Other industry developments include adopting a data-driven approach to product growth and TTM, relying heavily on analytics for product marketing, and applying new methods such as online tools for measuring competition.

ProductX summit 2016 - Summery


1. The Bot Revolution

Shira Weinberg - Senior Product Manager - Microsoft

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2. Product growth by outsource

Arik Faingold - Serial Entrepreneur & President of Comm-IT

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3. Playing the dual role of Product and Project Manager

Yael Lipskin Moshe - Senior Product Manager  -  Wix

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4. Building a development process to support efficient feedback loop, SImilarWeb study case

Dr. Einat Orr - EVP of R&D - SimilarWeb

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5. Design Thinking and Radical Collaboration

Sarit Kozokin, Senior Product Manager - Trusteer, IBM SEcurity

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6. 5 Check of to take off with your Design

Rivka Moshe - Art Director - UI Human Factors

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7. Get THEM to Listen to You

Noa Barbiro, Senior product manager , Amdocs

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8. “Turn it on and put it on” – thoughts and findings on wearable products

Ronen Soffer  - Director, GM NDGi - Intel

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9. The importance of good product principels

Nir Gazit - Chief Product Officer  -  SafeCharge

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10. Don't be too hard for Agile: how to go lean with HW

Moriya Kasis -  Senior Venture Associate - Up West Labs

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11. The (unexpected) lessons I learned at Harvard Business School

Oded Valin - Director of PM - CyberArk

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12. Cyber Inside Out

Assaf Mischari - Chief Research Officer - Team8

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13. 6 Degrees of Separation: Who is your Real User?

Barak Danin - CEO & Owner- Uniq UI



14. The Agile Survival Guide

Yoav Cohen - VP Engineering - & Eldad Chai -VP Products -  Incapsula

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15. New is bad - when your product is more advanced than your user

Barak Gur, VP Product,  Co-Founder - Blender



16. Nobody wants your fu!@ing product. 

Gil Sadis - Head of product - Lemonade

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17. Leverage machine learning for your product

Dr. Kira Radinsky