About the lecture:

Product discovery on steroids: Building things that don’t scale is the fastest way to scale

Simply’s (formerly Joytunes) strategy is creating a single household subscription (similar to Netflix or Spotify) that helps people with their creative hobbies and passions. We started with teaching piano and guitar but are expanding to more and more domains. At the heart of our competitive advantage is the “secret sauce” of building amazing products that users love and discuss. Products that have a deep emotional and magical core, making complex things (like learning to play) simple. The presentation will share key elements of our “secret sauce” through the story of launching Simply Sing: our new singing app, which was done in record time, and is delivering great value. The app helps people who like to sing by adapting songs to their voice and giving them feedback and guidance on how to sing better.

We completed the initial discovery within ~6 weeks and identified a new innovative opening in the market with limited competition.  A team of 5 people launched the app within three months after discovery and then continued to evolve the app at a rapid pace. The app received extremely high user ratings (in the store, through surveys and interviews). It achieved “hot app” status within three months and was featured by apple. We improved our core KPI (D2 retention) by 50% and got 150K downloads with almost no marketing.

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