Ronen Soffer

Product Cheif, Intuition Robotics

About the lecture:

What AI? It’s a talking desk lamp!


What’s the right strategy for a product in a category that doesn’t exist? 

How do you prioritise, design and monetise a product that everybody needs, but no one expects?

OK, so when fighting the loneliness of older adults living alone, the focus is on creating Companionship. But what will make ageing, lonely Americans accept a talking robot into their homes and lives? What do you focus on, implement, and measure - to know your product is on the right path - when it has no utilitarian purpose, and everything it aims to achieve is a growing set of experiences, gradually defined as a “relationship”. 

What is the role of the hardware? How do awareness and context blend in? And inevitably - any LLM / GenAI to speak of?