Day 2

Registration & Breakfast
Registration & Breakfast
Opening Speech
Opening Speech
Amichai Even Chen // Eran Rozen || Senior Product manager // Product Lead, Monday
Amichai Even Chen // Eran Rozen
Senior Product manager // Product Lead

Product with Purpose: Managing 400K Aid Requests in the Aftermath October 7th


The sudden events of October 7th caught us off-guard, as they did everyone. Within hours, we received a call to action from an aid organization, tasking us with creating a system to help secure shelter for families who had suddenly found themselves without a home. What unfolded in the following seven days was nothing short of extraordinary. Our team rapidly developed a product that became a critical tool for hundreds of command centers nationwide, enabling them to coordinate relief efforts across the county effectively. In this session, we'll share our journey, the critical insights we gained as product managers, and the human lessons we learned while responding to a crisis of unforeseen scale

Sivan Yaron-Enden|| Group Product Manager, Intuit
Sivan Yaron-Enden
Group Product Manager

Domain Diversity: Why Switching Industries Make You a Better Product Thinker


 Stuck in your industry silo? Craving a fresh challenge? Join Sivan as she shares her career journey of pivoting across diverse domains like education, transportation, advertising, marketplaces, and fintech. Discover her practical toolkit for mastering new landscapes, becoming a domain whisperer, and unearthing your users' true needs. Forget fear – embrace reinvention! This power talk equips you with actionable strategies to conquer any new domain thrown your way, opening doors to a boundless future in product management.

Benji Azaria ||  VP of Data Science, Cloudinary
Benji Azaria
VP of Data Science

From Guilt Driven to Data Driven

Many companies have a strong Product department and a strong Data department. In this presentation, we'll discuss how we reached the state of working closely together in order to drive the product department to become a data-driven department. Every feature is discussed with an analyst, measured properly, tested statistically, and the final decision whether to deploy or not is based on data outcomes.


Ofir Natan || CPO, Practical AI
Ofir Natan
Practical AI

Nailing Your Gen AI Feature - A Framework for Success


As companies race to take advantage of emerging opportunities to deliver new value through Generative AI, product teams are exploring effective ways to successfully embed Gen AI into their roadmaps using minimal resources.

Following his work on multiple Gen AI projects with various companies, Ofir developed a framework to help you navigate your journey from idea to full integration into your product and increase the probability of success.

In his talk, using real-world examples, Ofir will share key steps, challenges, best practices and resources you can use to nail your own Gen AI project or feature.

Coffee Break
Coffee Break
Guy Molho || Senior Director of Product, Melio
Guy Molho
Senior Director of Product

To B2B or not to Be

Emiliano Argnani || Senior Solution Engineer, Mixpanel
Emiliano Argnani
Senior Solution Engineer

Bridging the Gap: Unified Analytics to Empower Product Success


This talk explores the power of a unified analytics platform, bridging collaboration gaps among diverse teams spanning marketing analytics, product analytics, and sales. By establishing a single source of truth, this integration promotes seamless cooperation and enriches data-driven decision-making. Highlighting the leadership capacity of product teams, the talk underscores their pivotal role in steering organizational transformation. The discussion extends to detail best practices for analyzing the entire user journey—from initial awareness to active engagement within the application. We will demonstrate actionable ways to boost conversion rates, ensuring long-term user engagement and maximizing value. Key to this success are strategic user segmentations and actionable data insights.

Yuval Nachman ||CPO & Co-founder, Bagle
Yuval Nachman
CPO & Co-founder

Idea 360: Leverage GTM Alignment to Maximize Product Impact



Having strategy and OKRs is often not enough. If you want to ensure alignment and trust from both customers and GTM, you need to ensure at all times your Ideas are solving high value problems for you customers. 

The good news is that with a sound 360 view (zero blind spots) into your Ideas in all stages (Discovery, Execution and Delivery) you can instantly size opportunities (how many customers are affected and how often?) as well as justify and prioritize your decision based on what customers really want and how it affects the company’s OKRs. An effective Product-GTM alignment can also help eliminate “anecdotal challenges” and vocal customers biases, putting more focus on enablement and making sure each solution is front-and-center.




Gil Bouhnick || Product Director, AppsFlyer
Gil Bouhnick
Product Director

Beyond events: turning soft signals into powerful insights


We all aim for data-driven decisions, but what do you do when data falls short of providing the necessary insights? 
This session will showcase techniques for turning vague hints and soft signals into powerful insights, using some real-life examples from various startup products. 


Guy Loel || Actor, Guylo
Guy Loel

A golden path for finding creative solutions.


Guy Loel is an Israeli actor who has dedicated over a decade to exploring the world of mechanical puzzles.

What began as a hobby has evolved into a full-fledged obsession.

During this presentation, we will delve into the puzzle world to uncover valuable problem-solving techniques that can be applied to real-world challenges. He is also a member of IPP (International Puzzle Party).

Hadas Sheinfeld // Edik Mitelman || Product Strategist // SVP & General Manager, Privacy Cloud
Hadas Sheinfeld // Edik Mitelman
Product Strategist // SVP & General Manager
Privacy Cloud

 The unfiltered truth about product management 2024


Dessert Break
Dessert Break
Carmel Arad || Senior product manager, Honeybook
Carmel Arad
Senior product manager

Beyond Data: Harnessing customer intent for growth



While planning our growth strategy for 2023 our team at HoneyBook faced an exciting challenge. The previous optimizations we applied to our onboarding flow didn't yield the desired results, prompting us to seek a fresh approach.

Acknowledging the complexity of our product, we realized that combining data insights with genuine user empathy was the key to our success. Better understanding the users behind the funnel numbers and their pains led us to uncover a novel user segmentation approach, laying the groundwork for our growth strategy.

This lecture will explore how a data-inspired approach can unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth in any product. By infusing empathy into your data-driven decision-making, you can transform challenges into opportunities, foster innovation, and achieve exceptional growth for your products. Additionally, you'll gain insights into effective implementation of straight-line onboarding principles, quick testing techniques, and comprehensive impact validation, empowering you to secure stakeholder support for new product growth strategies and attain the results you are aiming for.



Roee Froman || Product Director, Taboola
Roee Froman
Product Director

Product Strategy:  360 validation cookbook 

We are often asked to build a Product Strategy, but not always do we have the model to support our thought process and the integration of the different pieces. Converging the business side, company goals and market condition is the secret in generating an impactful Product Strategy.
In the talk I will present the 360 Product Strategy model which I co-developed as a consultant, used with my customers and using now in Taboola. We will go over the various parts of the model, learn how to get the info and how to connect it all together.
My name is Roee and I'm leading the eCommerce squad at Taboola, I previously managed Product and Presales teams in TOMIA and was a consultant for various companies in the domains of GTM, Strategy and more and, I love snowboarding!

Julia Diament  || VP R&D, Security Organization
Julia Diament
Security Organization

Extreme AI: Applying AI for Strategic Decision-Making in High-Stakes Situations



Deployment without formal authority is a significant challenge for Product Managers, and when it comes to AI, the complexity reaches new heights, almost like creating art in a scientific world. In this enlightening lecture, Julia will share valuable recipes from her career cooking book that pave the way to success and help prevent AI algorithm failures.
Join us as we explore practical strategies to get things done - the right way, empowering you to navigate the challenges of AI deployments with finesse.