Day 1

Liat Peled || VP Product, Pango
Liat Peled
VP Product

From a parking app to super app – how strategy shaped our app concept and features  

How a vision of one sentence inspired us in the process of designing and shaping our new app.  

How as a product manager you manage to bind all the pieces together: business, marketing, product, UX, UI & development into one coherent story that serves your brand vision & strategy and most importantly can tell one simple story to your customers 

Pango went through a thorough journey of shaping its vision which was led by designing and rebuilding our new application interface. As Pango VP product, I had the privilege of leading this process.  

I will share with you our takeaways, what worked for us, what didn't work, what we learned and what can serve you on your day today's work.  

And... will also have very interesting numbers to share, how this all merged into business KPIs and goals.  


Tzviel Lemberger || Head of AI for validation product team, Intel
Tzviel Lemberger
Head of AI for validation product team

 Unlocking AI Explainability: Revolutionizing Intel's Chip Validation Process Using AI


Dive into the world of AI explainability and witness how it has transformed Intel's chip validation process. Discover how our AI-based product has simplified complex processes, making them more understandable and efficient. In this lecture, we will explore the pivotal role of AI explainability techniques in fostering customer understanding, building trust, and driving widespread adoption. 

Yael Ben-Ari || Senior Product Manager, Microsoft
Yael Ben-Ari
Senior Product Manager
Navigating SMB Waters with Enterprise Ship


 The Microsoft Security Group has been at the forefront of providing device security solutions for enterprises. However, when we identified an exciting new opportunity to expand our reach to the SMB (Small and Medium-sized Business) market, we suddenly found ourselves feeling like the new kid in town.

We needed to familiarize ourselves with the dynamics of a new ecosystem, adapt to the needs of a different market segment, and face the harsh reality of a crowded, incentive-driven market.

In this session, I will share how we handled this challenge, including cost reduction, pricing adjustments, refining feature sets, and changing sales strategies.

Join us as we explore the lessons we learned, strategies we employed, methodologies we used, and the best practices that enabled us to effectively penetrate a new market segment.  


Dessert Break
Dessert Break
Noa Reikhav || VP Product, Skai
Noa Reikhav
VP Product

Unveiling the Product Compass: Navigating Product Discovery for Strategic Success

Join us for a practical and results-oriented lecture on product discovery. Learn how to navigate the process of uncovering customer needs, and build your product strategy for success. Gain hands-on tools and takeaways to drive your product development forward. Don't miss this opportunity to chart your course towards strategic excellence.

Yaelle David || Brand Experience Lead
Yaelle David
Brand Experience Lead

Purpose-design: a unique 6-step methodology to create an emotional connection with your product

I will share with you a method I developed during my last 20 years in the field of Branding, UI and UX in Israel and around the world.
The method will help you understand your product more deeply, connect you emotionally to them and more than that - the purpose design method will turn your products from technologies into unforgettable characters in the lives of your customers.

So, how does it work?

We will go through a program made up of 6 steps that you will need to implement in order to build a unique experience and create an emotional connection between your team, your product and grow trust and loyalty with your customers.
The methodology will help you understand how to include the purpose of your product in each and every feature
and help differentiate the product in the market and improve your ability to compete and inspire.


Prof. Ron Shachar ||  Former Dean of Arison School of Business, Reichman University. Currently head of the Honors program.
Prof. Ron Shachar
Former Dean of Arison School of Business
Reichman University. Currently head of the Honors program.

The five stories marketers should tell

What do Cinderella, Jane Eyre, Aladdin and the Ugly Duckling have in common? Their plot.

 Two decades ago the author Christopher Booker argued that throughout history there were only seven basic plots that writers have used. One of them, rags to riches, fits the four stories above.


 In the lecture I argue that throughout history there were only five basic stories that marketers have used (quite different from those identified by Booker). Knowing and understanding these five can be very useful to marketers, especially today – when marketers are frequently encouraged to tell stories. In the lecture I describe these basic stories as well as four storytelling methods that advertisers should use to overcome the major challenges advertisers face.

Ronen Soffer || Product Cheif, Intuition Robotics
Ronen Soffer
Product Cheif
Intuition Robotics

What AI? It’s a talking desk lamp!


What’s the right strategy for a product in a category that doesn’t exist? 

How do you prioritise, design and monetise a product that everybody needs, but no one expects?

OK, so when fighting the loneliness of older adults living alone, the focus is on creating Companionship. But what will make ageing, lonely Americans accept a talking robot into their homes and lives? What do you focus on, implement, and measure - to know your product is on the right path - when it has no utilitarian purpose, and everything it aims to achieve is a growing set of experiences, gradually defined as a “relationship”. 

What is the role of the hardware? How do awareness and context blend in? And inevitably - any LLM / GenAI to speak of?


Oren Lewkowicz || VP and Head of Collect & Review LOB, Cellebrite
Oren Lewkowicz
VP and Head of Collect & Review LOB

How Competition forced us to expand our business



 Cellebrite introduced a Premium solution in 2016 for selected customers with a very high price point.

 2 years later a competitor came with an offering for a much lower and disrupted the market.

 Learn how Cellebrite reacted quickly & changed the business model and leveraged its install base to develop a new offering that grew the adoption by X10 and boosted the ARR.


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