Day 3

Ariel Kedem and John Cutler
Ariel Kedem and John Cutler

This is an exclusive fireside chat hosted by Ariel Kedem, VP Product & co-founder of the Israeli Product Managers community and John Cutler, a product evangelist, Twitter influencer and the Head of Product Research & Education at Amplitude. John loves wrangling complex problems and answering the "why" with qualitative and quantitative data. Prior to his current role, he was a Senior Product Manager at Zendesk and

John & Ariel will discuss the differences between measurements and signals, why numbers are important but not enough and how teams should use data in order to make a real impact.

Maria Polo Guardia || Director of Product Management, Payoneer
Maria Polo Guardia
Director of Product Management

About the lecture:

From minimum to valuable product

MVP, we have all used the word. Most of us have participated in one. But what makes an MVP successful? And if product managers know how to MVP, why do 95% of new products fail every year? In my talk I will explore the MVP journey through the lenses of my personal experience failing and succeeding to launch new products to market in different countries. At Payoneer, we believe its key to put experimentation at the core of our product development to maximize impact, and In this talk I will outline how to:

·    Detect and avoid death traps (did we change from discovery to delivery too early?)

·    Set the right tools and feedback loops that will cement your journey to the top


Shiri Arad Ivtsan || Director of Product Management, WhiteSource
Shiri Arad Ivtsan
Director of Product Management

The Business Side of Our Products: How sales-product relationship improved our offering

Collaboration and relationship with the sales team help our product improve. In order to work effectively with Sales, it's important to understand the differences in our incentives and KPIs. Sales teams need ammo to close the sale, and our part in enabling sales is increasing the team's product knowledge and providing them with competitive analysis, preparing them for the hard questions prospects ask.

In this talk, I will present two highly impactful resources we added to the sales enablement toolbox. We will examine the implementation process and effective utilization of competitive & Win-loss analysis for Product managers:

- Learn how better understanding our losses helps us increase revenue (hint: it's not always the product)

- Learn how to collect valuable information on the competition, and make the information more accessible to internal stakeholders


Noa Green || VP Product, Day Two
Noa Green
VP Product
Day Two

Put your Metrics where your mouth is

Do fitness apps track muscle mass gained or BMI pre and post subscription? Does Dualingo know if you've really made it a week in Paris without speaking English?

Most companies' mission statement revolves around value to their customers, users, if they're really ambitious - doing good in the world.

But does that mission translate into measuring product teams and product performance?

As the product managers we need goals and metrics to drive decisions on product functionality - what to build, what NOT to build, how to prioritize - and how to evaluate our work and the impact on our company's mission.

 It's easy to make the KPI tunnel vision mistake. And you can avoid that trap by measuring the farthest reaching metric associated with value to your consumers and customers.

DayTwo develops a digital healthcare solution based on gut microbiome sequencing and health data to personalize nutrition and care for chronic disease.  

 As a company committed to helping people on a way to metabolic disease remission, we tie product performance to ultimately making our users healthier. 

In this lecture I will outline a way to avoid having KPI tunnel vision and instead distill that one clear measure of value and work your way from there.