Day 2

Ran Erez || Senior Product Manager, Taboola
Ran Erez
Senior Product Manager

Someone already built your MVP

When we launched the first version of our product, we discovered that users were not interested, and churned. We had a long list of hypotheses, and a mission to improve fast. We needed a hack to reach our MVP. In this session I will share the methodology we developed, which combined competitive research and user research and led us to drive 3X growth in our key metrics.


Ilana Rosner ||Manager Ads Product management, eBay
Ilana Rosner
Manager Ads Product management

Impact through empathy

We all know we need to pay close attention to our customers pains to build a great product... But today, more than ever, we live in an era of explosive growth and tremendous global competition. A great product is simply not enough to drive significant and sustained business results. We, as product managers, need to pay attention to a wide array of interfaces inside & outside of the company, to deeply understand their pains and their needs, and act to address them. Doing this will unlock new levels of cooperation, creativity & trust and deliver results beyond any expectations. In this session, I will share how, in eBay, a systematic method of practicing empathy, enabled us to take on new markets, grow our business, delight our customers, and experience personal growth. By the end of the session you will glimpse a connection between product management and The Wizard of OZ, and how to leverage our shared insights to start your own path of practicing Empathy.

Gadi Ganon || Head of Digital and AI products, Playtika
Gadi Ganon
Head of Digital and AI products

Increasing Impact with AI:  Keep the Drama Under the Hood

An explosion of AI-driven Products is already here. The impact on our products is huge, sometimes even disruptive. However, reality has taught us that it is not trivial to create products addressing a variety of “out-of-the-lab” scenarios, on a large scale, that would also pass the test of time.

All the drama that occurs behind the scenes of various learning models and complexities should be transparent to our users. This will be a significant victory for both the products and the product manager.

 In this talk, Gadi will share some significant lessons he learned along his rich experience. Five major tips of how to approach designing and developing AI driven products and how to leverage the AI to increase your impact.

Idan Fargeon ||  Head of  Product, Alibaba Israel
Idan Fargeon
Head of Product
Alibaba Israel

How we impact the lives of Chinese users from Israel 

Alibaba Israel was founded 4 years ago, today we are working on products that are used by Chinese consumers on a daily basis. Our story tells about the practice and experience we gained on how to deliver products to a different culture, also when language is a barrier. It dives into learning how important it is to get to know your market and customers when you cannot rely on intuition, and how building trust is fundamental before you can start doing business. I will share examples that highlight the learnings and adaptations we had to do when working with the Chinese market, and reflect how any PM can adapt these to his/her day-to-day when working on a product for users in different countries.

ProductX's Board Panel under the guidance of Noa Ganot
ProductX's Board Panel under the guidance of Noa Ganot

The barriers to impact

Impact is an important aspect of what we do as product managers, we all know that. But knowing is not the same as doing. Noa Ganot hosts our board members for a discussion that will dive right into the challenges in implementing all the great advice that we received throughout the conference, with practical tips that will help you make the most out of it.