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Opening Speech
Limor Segev || Business Products Director , WeWork
Limor Segev
Business Products Director

The annoying 'why' - innovating where you're least expected to

In this presentation, we will go on a journey of taking on back-office systems that no one expects you to innovate on, areas where outsiders might assume you are just automating existing processes such as billing, charging, contracts signing, etc. By daring to innovate, through challenging the very foundation upon which these processes are implemented, you are not only maximizing the value you are providing the business... you are actually having fun!


Gil Shwed || Founder and CEO, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Gil Shwed
Founder and CEO
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Gil Shwed, founder and CEO of Check Point Software Technologies and one of the most prominent tech leaders in Israel,will share his views on product innovation, product excellence, and the distinct role of product management in building a company’s strategy and vision. 

Neta Rotkovitch|| Director of UX Department, UI
Neta Rotkovitch
Director of UX Department

User Trust – The (U)X Factor not only in E-commerce

One of the major hurdles in encouraging user adoption of a system is trust.

Gaining user trust is an issue I have deliberated in my recent projects, in B2B systems and certainly in B2C systems as well.

In this talk I will present several examples of the importance of user trust in systems for improving KPIs such as overcoming the registration barrier, creating engagement, preventing abandonment, and of course encouraging purchasing – in the e-commerce field and in others.

 I will present a model and provide examples and practical tools for gaining user trust.

 And for dessert, I will analyze a surprising example: how we gained the user's trust by accentuating the disadvantages of a product in an attempt at increasing the conversion rate.

Raffi Margaliot || SVP & GM App Delivery Mgmt, Micro Focus
Raffi Margaliot
SVP & GM App Delivery Mgmt
Micro Focus

DevOps changes everything for product management. 

As enterprises transform to DevOps, and new companies start with continuous delivery from day one, the product management role has to adapt with much shorter validation cycle, data driven decision making, and becoming service owners beyond just product owners.   Will share examples of people/process/tooling transformations in the industry, from embedding marketing responsibilities into product management, adopting lean canvas at scale, to using collaboration tools such as slack to communicate with customers.

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Dvir Zohar || CEO & Project Management Expert, Simple
Dvir Zohar
CEO & Project Management Expert

Value Management for Product Managers is trying to compete in a very crowded market – SW tools for project

management (there are more than 500 tools!!!). They succeeded in achieving ten million

users and 500% growth in revenue over three years. They did it by bringing a “very high

value for money” offer, focused on their customer needs.

Value Management is one of the key success factors for firms and for Product

Managers. The ability to focus on the high value features and skip the development

of non-high value features, allows firms to speed up their time to market, to grow

profits and most of all, to achieve happy customers.

In our presentation we will speak about the main five processes in Value Management

and we will demonstrate two simple tools (Value Diagram and Prioritization Matrix) that

will assist you in focusing on the high value features.

Dvir Zohar is the CEO of Simple. Simple helps firms move faster, by implementing

simple processes and tools. Dvir Zohar has 30 years of practical experience in product

development. He is working with wide range of firms including large international firms,

leading Israeli firms and a lot of startups.


Itai Tomer || CEO, Ericsson Media Solution Israel
Itai Tomer
Ericsson Media Solution Israel

As I love innovation – I will never work for a company with customers

As a startup you strive for customers, but once you have (more than a few) customers you realize that customers kills innovation! They fill your backlog for the next few years, take highest priority, constantly demand attention of R&D, focus only on the present (and yes: they are annoying and takes the fun out of innovation!).

In this session we will discuss a practical approach to lead innovation in a company with demanding  customers.

Eli Ringer || Co-founder & business architect, ModelZ
Eli Ringer
Co-founder & business architect

It’s time to design business models!

Are you looking for new disruptive business models? Or does your current business model need to be redesigned? On top of innovative products and services?

 The world is changing rapidly and competition is stronger than ever and business models are expiring like yogurt in the fridge. Product managers can no longer settle for product or even value innovation only.

 They have a rare opportunity to impact the company strategy and business models. The keynote will demonstrate Agile Strategy approach and tools  to systematically design, innovate and validate the best business model options possible.

 Yes. You can be a business architect.


Amit Daliot || UX Design Architect,  Freelancer
Amit Daliot
UX Design Architect

The role of product management in company’s strive for innovation




Product innovation is a goal we strive to achieve. In this session we will analyze what innovative companies have in common. We will also explore how product managers can trigger an innovation process using a simple user experience methodology.


Dr. Yasur-Landau || Director, KAMA INSTITUT
Dr. Yasur-Landau

How to retain your sense of humor when dealing with explosive situations

Having a sense of humor dose not mean the ability to remember or tell jokes.

A lot of compulsive joke tellers often totally lack a sense of humour.

It is about a certain philosophy of life.

How can we retain our sense of humour when it is under attack dealing with our directors, clients, co-workers etc. and even during our personal lives.

The lecture is dynamic and vivid and yet offers a set of practical tools for everyone to use when our sense of humor is under attack.

Lior Zadicareo || Managing Partner and Head of PM Consulting,  Starvision
Lior Zadicareo
Managing Partner and Head of PM Consulting

Innovate using the science of Product Management

When you innovate, you do not know whether your new product has real value until you test it in the market. Setting clear, measurable goals is essential in the innovation process as they enable you to learn what works and what does not and find the right product/market fit. In other words, scientific approach to Product Management is essential for innovation.

Sharon Schwarzkopf Hodor || Senior Product Manager, Bizzabo
Sharon Schwarzkopf Hodor
Senior Product Manager

(How to ensure) Creativity in Agile

There is a delicate balance in the world of product development between the agile fast pace development cycles and the feeling we are as creative and innovative as we know we can be. On the one hand creativeness comes within limitsLimit your resources and innovative thinking arises. But how do we allow incubating given our limitationsHow do we embrace procrastination as part of a creative processIf we are agile do we slow down creativeness

Roy Liberman || Sr. Manager & Video PM, Oath
Roy Liberman
Sr. Manager & Video PM

Dominate the market by product strategy and segmentation methods   

Even the analysts were surprised to see Comscore's 2016 numbers - AOL has surpassed Youtube's desktop reach to become the #1 video ads destination in the US. But how was that possible?
What were the methods used to become bigger than the dominant market leader?

Noa Ganot || VP Product, Twiggle
Noa Ganot
VP Product

Living in a Data World

Metrics are a powerful tool, but often times are over used or even abused. In this talk Noa will discuss common pitfalls with metrics and how to avoid them, to make sure by the end of the day your metrics work for you and not against you.



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Naama Bar-Gil || VP Product , Social Tech startup
Naama Bar-Gil
VP Product
Social Tech startup

Managing products like doctors treat patients

 You think product management is stressful? So what’s a doctor to say?

 Let’s explore how product decisions are made in the high stakes B2B2C world of medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

How do we align the often-contradicting interests of patients, healthcare professionals and payers? How do we find out what their REAL needs are? How do we define an efficient, cost-effective MVP? How do we innovate while leveraging strict regulation, rather than fighting it? And how do we do all that without getting an ulcer…?

This lecture will reveal some of the practical decision-making secrets of the people who make life and death decisions every day, so you can implement them in any industry.

Erez Pedro || Co-Founder - UX practice Lead & GDE, CodeValue
Erez Pedro
Co-Founder - UX practice Lead & GDE

Discovering product’s MVP with UX tools

The quality of an MVP has major implications on the success of projects and products. Unfortunately, defining the MVP is done intuitively rather than methodically.

State of the art methods such as Google design and IBM Design Thinking offer tools for early stage product discovery. They all include quick analysis and design by the product team but do not provide a method for defining the MVP as part of the process.

This talk will show a method for defining the MVP as part of the team collaborative product discovery session.

Erez has 20 years’ experience in defining User Experience in a range of domains and technologies. He is a founder and head of UX CodeValue. He teaches UX design at academia and industry and also mentors startups and company teams at the Google TLV campus. Erez is a Google Product Design Expert (GDE).

Erez holds a B.Sc. in Physics & Mathematics from the Hebrew University and a Masters in Design (M.E.Des) from the University of Calgary.

Ophir Kra-Oz || Group Product manager Growth and Engagement, Google
Ophir Kra-Oz
Group Product manager Growth and Engagement

What makes a great (or horrible) product manager:

The leading  CEOs today are PM's.  Almost nobody teaches product management and yet almost everyone wants to become one. But it s super hard to find amazing product managers. In the presentation will try to find the answers to all of these mysteries, or at least come up with good stories and guesses.

*** The Order of the lectures is tentative, changes might follow
*** The Full Lectures List Will Be Released Soon