About the lecture:

Beyond Data: Harnessing customer intent for growth


While planning our growth strategy for 2023 our team at HoneyBook faced an exciting challenge. The previous optimizations we applied to our onboarding flow didn't yield the desired results, prompting us to seek a fresh approach.

Acknowledging the complexity of our product, we realized that combining data insights with genuine user empathy was the key to our success. Better understanding the users behind the funnel numbers and their pains led us to uncover a novel user segmentation approach, laying the groundwork for our growth strategy.

This lecture will explore how a data-inspired approach can unlock new opportunities for innovation and growth in any product. By infusing empathy into your data-driven decision-making, you can transform challenges into opportunities, foster innovation, and achieve exceptional growth for your products. Additionally, you'll gain insights into effective implementation of straight-line onboarding principles, quick testing techniques, and comprehensive impact validation, empowering you to secure stakeholder support for new product growth strategies and attain the results you are aiming for.