Yoni Epstein

Director, Product Management, Taboola

About the lecture:


Process, Jahnoon and Batman - 3 lessons learned from managing an ML product


Though the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms dates back to nearly 70 years ago it is mainly in the last 15 years that commercial applications of ML and AI started to appear with companies like Google and Facebook pioneering the use of ML for building products using speech recognition, image recognition and so on. Since then more and more products are being developed based on ML and AI algorithms and it is becoming more likely that product managers will face ML algorithms in their careers.

But what effect does this have, if at all, on our work as product managers? Is there anything different about being a PM for an ML product vs. any other product? How much should product managers know about these algorithms?

In this session I will take you through my own personal journey of being a PM launching an ML based product in taboola and will provide some personal takeaways on how to be more successful with your ML product.